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Customer can only cancel their Monthly Space Account by sending written notice EXCLUSIVELY VIA EMAIL to, no exceptions; verbal or written
cancellation with Garage is not acceptable. Cancellation must be given fifteen (15) days prior to the first day of your billing cycle. If 15 day noitice is after the first
day of the billing cycle the entire months fee or the daily rate will be charges, whichever is less. If Customer prepays Garage for a period of time greater than one
month as part of a prepaid multi‐month promotion (i.e. six month prepay), and during such period wishes to cancel their Monthly Space Account before such
period is completed, then Customer will not receive and is not entitled to any refund for the unused portion of such prepaid multi‐month promotion, no
exceptions. If Customer breaches any terms and conditions on this form, then Garage may cancel Customer’s Monthlys Space Account immediately, no exceptions. Garage can cancel Customer’s Monthly Space Account with 7 days notice for any reason, with the only exception being if Customer is engaged in a prepaid multi month promotion.